Applications and sectors for color card printers

Fast, cheap and easy.

Choose your own quantities without loss

Customers need smaller quantities more often and more often. Personalization, special productions, unique batches.

The high start-up costs are no longer profitable to order their cards or other printed matter from you.

With one of our printing solutions, you can quickly get to work answering the demand for small to medium quantities.

Tasco has a wide range of solutions.

Card printers, label printers, label finishers, digital printing systems, Applicators and CD & DVD printers

Occasional printing for wedding, birth and communion

 With the Imprint devices it is possible to print professional invitations, cards, … to print at an excellent quality.

Commercial printing

Our Imprint printers print at an excellent quality. You also have many possibilities with the device: business cards, letterheads, mailings, tickets, … the possibilities with the Imprint are endless.


A straight pass and digital LED technology give the Imprint the capacity to print a variety of media up to 330 grams. Cards of 80 x 90mm are the smallest print size, banners up to 120 cm the largest. It goes without saying that all intermediate formats can be printed, thus also funeral prints.


Another great advantage is that you can print up to SRA3 format (220g) directly from the tray, as well as single and double obituaries. To avoid curling of the paper, there is a special sensor that detects the type of paper and its thickness. As a result, the oven automatically adjusts and each type of paper is printed at the right temperature.


All your obituaries come out perfectly straight from your machine.


We have several systems for printing envelopes. Our Imprint envelope system and the Astro M1 and M2.


It is possible to easily and quickly print covers in 4 colors, and even personalize these envelopes. The different formats: DL, C5, C4 and proprietary formats are no problem for these printers.

Addresses and numbering

You can also come to us for addressing and numbering. For this you can count on our Astro devices. With Astro devices you can print addresses with a width of up to 10.16 cm. These dimensions allow an extensive personalization of address lines, PB numbers, return addresses, address titles, signatures, etc..


Also the printing of tombola numbers, card numbers, … is possible with the Astro devices.


Also for mailings we offer the perfect solution at an affordable price. With the Astro M1 and M2 you can print at high speed and with the possibility of personalization. You can use the printer for printing mailings in full color, slightly more expensive than black and white.

Astro S1 envelopes and mailing printer

Perfect for envelopes and letters

Excellent print quality

Can print materials up to 1cm thick (bags, small boxes, …)

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