Commonly used terminology

Print run/run:The number of labels you want to place on one roll at one time.
Volume:How many labels do you print in a given time period. (e.g. per month or per year); this can be either for the total number of labels, or just one format, or just one printed image.
“Reference”:Used by a lot of people, this is the label designated for a particular item number.
Private labeling:The product is sold under a different name, usually on behalf of an outside firm.
Répiquage (FR):Printing variable text on pre-printed labels.
Adhesive labels:The labels are already provided with a glue.
cold adhesives:Way of gluing whereby the glue is applied to paper for subsequent adhesion to the product (e.g. some beer bottles).
Format:Dimensions of the label
Pre-punched labels /die-cut:The labels are already cut to the size the customer wants before printing.
UnwinderA device that uncoils labels and accompanies them to the printer.
RewinderA device that rolls up the labels after printing.
Labeling device:A device that will attach the labels (semi/semi-)automatically to the product.
Manual labeling:The labels are removed from the roll by hand and then adhered to the product.
Automatic labeling:The labels are attached to the product using a labeling device.
Blackmark:This is a black square or line that allows a sensor to detect when a label starts. This is often the case for labels with a special shape or transparent labels.
Pantone:By pantone color, people talk about a very specific color. Often these have color codes, e.g. PMS200 (type of red). When a company wants a specific pantone color to be used, the company is sure that it will always be the right color. However, pantone colors cannot be produced by digital printers like ours. At best, we can approximate them.
RGB – CMYK:This is about how the colors are composed. Therefore the print quality differs. Our printers work on the basis of CMYK.
RGB: Red – Green – Blue – CMYK: Cyan – Magenta – Yellow – Key color (usually black).
PCs always work on the basis of RGB to compose the colors. Therefore a color on the screen will always differ from the printed color on our devices..
Thermal printers:A thermal printer uses heat to transfer the print to the paper. There are two methods by which this can be done, one that uses an ink ribbon and one that uses heat alone to transfer the image. Most devices can only print one color per pass. Applications are usually repiquage for printing e.g. lot number, date, serial number, …


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