Tasco: Measures taken covid19/coronavirus

Given the recent development and increased risk of infection by the coronavirus, we at Tasco have taken measures to limit the impact on our people and our customers and to ensure the continuity of our business operations.
In general, we follow the guidelines and advice of the government.

All non-essential contact is avoided with immediate effect. Our offices remain open, but access for staff, customers and suppliers is reduced to a minimum. Below are the measures that we will take on a shift by shift basis to protect the health of our employees and customers.

  • Our commercial staff will work from home as much as possible from now on. For you as a customer and prospect, little will change. You can reach our sales department through the normal channels. We do ask you to temporarily stop visiting our showroom.
  • From now on we provide live remote video demonstrations and as usual, we can always send you tests and samples so that you can judge the result. If you are interested in this, please do not hesitate to contact your representative.
  • For external visits by our representatives, we respect your measures taken and you will be contacted before each visit. However, visits that are not necessary are discouraged
  1. Don’t panic, we already have a lot of experience with remote support. Reinstallation of drivers, simple repairs and even installation of certain devices can be done remotely. We count on your cooperation to avoid unnecessary travel. One advantage: it is cheaper and you are helped faster than with an intervention on site!
  2. If our technician has to come on site anyway, please take the necessary measures so that this can be done as safely as possible.
    • No physical contact
    • Make sure the machine (as well as the associated computer and keyboard) are clean and hygienic and ensure disinfection
  • We have no knowledge of delivery problems from our suppliers at this time!
  • Therefore, production will continue as usual!
  • So you can still order custom labels or standard labels!
  • We verwerken uw orders zoals voorheen. De verzendingen gaan gewoon door!
  • We vragen wel met aandrang om geen afhalingen te doen in ons magazijn om onnodig contact te vermijden.
  • Ook de leveranciers en bezorgingsdiensten zullen onze gebouwen niet meer mogen betreden. Er wordt een drop-off zone voorzien en we vragen ook de instructies van onze magazijniers te volgen.

Wij houden de ontwikkelingen nauwlettend in de gaten en treffen waar nodig verdere maatregelen. Wij vertrouwen erop dat deze preventief genomen maatregelen voor nu voldoende zijn. Het zorgen voor uw en onze gezondheid heeft onze hoogste prioriteit, daar handelen we dan ook naar.

Mocht u meer informatie wensen of hebt u vragen, dan kunt u altijd uw vaste contactpersoon contacteren.

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