LED (Laser) - Toner

Toner-based LED technology provides highly resistant printing. Toner-based color label printers use toner instead of ink with inkjet technology.

How does a toner printer work?

In addition to a toner, a drum is also present in the printer. The drum is electrostatically charged with a light-sensitive interior around it. The image or text to be printed is projected onto the drum by means of light. This light source ensures that the static charge on the drum will remain or disappear. The part of the drum that is not illuminated loses the electrostatic charge that was spread when the printer started. Then the label may be loaded. The powder of the toner will immediately be collected on the drum and transferred to the carrier. The toner (powder) will be melted by heat onto the paper.

High Resistance

Since the powder is baked into its backing, the printing is permanently placed. This ensures a very high resistance in terms of moisture and UV. Finally, there is no need for an inkjet coating where the ink can penetrate to settle between the material and the coating. This allows for many more vershc different types of materials to be used. (transparent, black, silver, cream,…)


A toner system uses a very fine powder.  A laser printer projects the document to be printed onto an electrically charged roller, the drum. On the spots illuminated by the laser, the toner powder sticks. Then the paper is rolled over the drul, and so the ink powder is transferred to the carrier.


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