How a punching solution works

To make labels, one first starts from a continuous roll of self-adhesive material. This is basically 1 continuous label. Die-cutting is the conversion of this continuous roll into individual labels. This can be any size and shape. You also have the choice of die-cutting after printing or before printing.

Conventional vs digital punching

What is the difference between conventional & digital production? The main difference between the two production methods depends on the different print runs that a customer requires. If a customer requires large quantities then this is usually produced in a conventional way. If you need smaller quantities, this is often done digitally. It is the printer’s job to make sure that the dimensions of a label are placed as correctly as possible on a web. The width of the paper web that can be printed on usually depends on the machine to machine. The printer tries to print as many labels as possible next to each other on the same web to minimize the amount of excess.

1. Conventional

Large quantities

If you want to punch out large quantities of blank or printed material, it is best to use a conventional rotary punch press. A conventional die-cutting machine uses a cliché per job. This is a metal plate that will convert the material from continuous roll to cut out roll. Once the technology is set up, production is many times faster than with digital solutions. The only disadvantage of working conventionally is that it involves some start-up time and costs (e.g. a cliché). 

Via die-cut plates

Using a metal mold, the exact shape is cut out of the material.

Example video

Our own production is a good example of conventional punching

2. Digital punching

Smaller editions

If you want to produce smaller runs then it is often better not to go for conventional printing. With that reason digital printing became very popular. Here we look at a solution for example to answer a demand for promotional stickers or other marketing purposes. A big plus of digital die-cutting is that you have the possibility to go for very personalized printing. Each label can be printed and cut differently. A big new trend is the hyper-personalization of products. With digital printing this is perfectly possible. Print at a low price and at an outstanding quality. With digital printing, there are lower standard costs involved than with conventional. 

Any shape possible via blades

Fine die cuts the desired shape.

Example video

The Duoblade SX is the ideal example of digital punching 


Tasco is a proud distributor of several machines from Valoy. Highly professional digital punching machines with 2+ blades

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