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1. Installation & Introduction

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2. Maintenance and replacement of supplies

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3. Troubleshooting.

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Maintenance of your device

This device is strongly built and also uses a 2in1 principle. Thus, the only consumable is its ink cartridge which includes a print head. When this cartridge is consumed, you immediately replace the print head. So you have at all times a printhead of high quality. Are the nozzles of the printhead clogged yet ka now this easily back open. Just follow the video in the "Support videos" tab.

If you need other support, you can always contact our technical department. Please contact us via our contact page.

Storage and shelf life of your consumables

Just like food, you will find a date on the packaging of ink cartridges and toners.

What does the date on a cartridge mean? Can you still use it?

With a packet of ham or any other food product, do watch out to eat it after the expiration date. The product may well be bad and harmful to your health. But this is not true of the date on a cartridge. The date on a cartridge is normally just the production date or usually the date until which the manufacturer's warranty runs. After this date, the manufacturer no longer guarantees the quality, but that doesn't mean that product won't work. If you leave your new cell phone unused in a drawer for 2 years, the chance that it will suffer afterwards is also very small. With cartridges it is the seller who gives you a warranty based on the date of sale and not the date of production. So you don't have to worry about the warranty date on your cartridges.

Shelf Life of Ink Cartridges

Of course, that doesn't mean that printer cartridges can't become unusable over time. But that has mostly to do with how they are stored.

Ink cartridges contain liquid ink. The ink dries very quickly when it comes into contact with air. That's the idea when printing, of course. The cartridges are designed so that no air can get to the ink. Only when printing will the ink come out of the cartridge. But nothing is 100% tight of course, you can't store a cartridge for centuries either. If the cartridges lie idle for a long time or are stored in the wrong conditions, the ink may solidify or even dry up.

Therefore, we recommend that you store the inkjet cartridges in a cool and dry environment. Make sure you do not remove the cartridges from their airtight packaging until you actually start using them. Also very important is how you place them in the cabinet or rack for storage. Each cartridge has a specific top and bottom. Only if you are stored correctly will they continue to work properly. Therefore, be sure to read the manufacturer's instructions or contact our supplies department if in doubt.

Once your cartridge is in the printer it can certainly dry out. Fortunately, the current generations of printers ensure that the ink does not dry up. They do this by starting a 'cleaning program' every now and then. Of course, this is only possible when cartridges are installed in the printer and the printer is connected to mains power. So make sure you don't disconnect your printer from power to ensure the longest possible life for your cartridges.


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