Droge toner Laser LED

How does a toner printer work?

In addition to a toner, a drum is also present in the printer. The drum is electrostatically charged with a light-sensitive interior around it. The image or text to be printed is projected onto the drum by means of light. This light source ensures that the static charge on the drum will remain or disappear. The part of the drum that is not illuminated loses the electrostatic charge that was spread when the printer started. Then the label may be loaded. The powder of the toner will immediately be collected on the drum and transferred to the carrier. The toner (powder) will be melted by heat onto the paper.

High Resistance

Since the powder is baked into its backing, the printing is permanently placed. This ensures a very high resistance in terms of moisture and UV. Finally, there is no need for an inkjet coating where the ink can penetrate to settle between the material and the coating. This allows for many more vershc different types of materials to be used. (transparent, black, silver, cream,…)


A toner system uses a very fine powder.  A laser printer projects the document to be printed onto an electrically charged roller, the drum. On the spots illuminated by the laser, the toner powder sticks. Then the paper is rolled over the drul, and so the ink powder is transferred to the carrier.

How a Toner Printer Works

What is the difference between LED AND LASER


Features LED

  • No moving parts
  • No mirrors
  • No multiple light sources


  • Fewer faults
  • straight optical path
  • Higher reliability

Expiration date of my consumables

Shelf life and ink life.

What does the date on a cartridge mean? Can you still use it?

With a packet of ham or any other food product, do watch out to eat it after the expiration date. The product may well be bad and harmful to your health. But that is not true of the date on a cartridge. The date on a cartridge is normally just the production date or usually the date until which the manufacturer’s warranty runs. After this date, the manufacturer no longer guarantees the quality, but that doesn’t mean that product won’t work. If you leave your new cell phone unused in a drawer for 2 years, the chance that it will suffer afterwards is also very small. With cartridges it is the seller who gives you a warranty based on the date of sale and not the date of production. So you don’t have to worry about the warranty date on your cartridges.

Shelf life of toner cartridges

For toner cartridges, the date listed is usually the production date. Toner is not a liquid ink work, but a dry powder. Via an electrical charge, this powder is transferred to paper, after which the powder is baked in the oven, thus fixing itself to the paper.

So the powder in a toner cartridge cannot dry out like ink, which gives toner printers an added advantage in storage. However, the toner powder can clump via contact with water. So also the moisture in the air can cause those in the long run.

So store your toner in a cool and dry place, just like inkjet cartridges, and only open the airtight package when you are going to use the toner!

Shelf life of ink cartridges

Of course, that doesn't mean that printer cartridges can't become unusable over time. But that has mostly to do with how they are stored.

Ink cartridges contain liquid ink. The ink dries very quickly when it comes into contact with air. That's the idea when printing, of course. The cartridges are designed so that no air can get to the ink. Only when printing will the ink come out of the cartridge. But nothing is 100% tight of course, you can't store a cartridge for centuries either. If the cartridges lie idle for a long time or are stored in the wrong conditions, the ink may solidify or even dry up.

Therefore, we recommend that you store the inkjet cartridges in a cool and dry environment. Make sure that you do not remove the cartridges from their airtight packaging until you actually start using them. Also very important is how you place them in the cabinet or rack for storage. Each cartridge has a specific top and bottom. Only if you are stored correctly will they continue to work properly. Therefore, be sure to read the manufacturer's instructions or contact our supplies department if in doubt.

Once your cartridge is in the printer it can certainly dry out. Fortunately, the current generations of printers ensure that the ink does not dry up. They do this by starting a 'cleaning program' every now and then. Of course, this is only possible when cartridges are installed in the printer and the printer is connected to mains power. So make sure you don't disconnect your printer from power to ensure the longest possible life for your cartridges.

Shelf life of labels

The labels on rolls produced by Tasco are always packed in an airtight foil. We do this to preserve the adhesive power of our labels. Even so, we recommend that you do not take more than one year's stock. It does not mean that after one year the labels will no longer stick, but please know that the strength decreases. 

After printing on our labels you can also speak of a lifetime. The label will have experienced a certain "wear" due to external influences. For example, you may notice a fading when the label is left in the sun for a long time or ink running out when it is left in the rain for too long. This all depends on what printing technology, material and machine you use.


Oki Pro 1040/1050

Tasco's most popular Toner solution - Print up to 130mm wide

Our products

Tasco’s smallest toner solution. For single labels at a time. Labels up to 86mm width

Our high end solution. Ideal in combination with one of Valloy’s finishing solutions. Min width 210mm – max width 320mm


With interchangeable oven, you can perfectly print labels from 70mm to 210mm wide.

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