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Cobra – 5C 330

SKU: OK46672200
brand: Cobra

Product beschrijving

De Cobra 5C 330 is een 5-stations print engine, die CMYK plus High Density White single pass printing van hoge kwaliteit levert.
White single pass printen, ontworpen om te voldoen aan hoge kwaliteitseisen in roll-to-roll productieprinten.
De machine kan vrij worden gecombineerd met een breed scala aan gecertificeerde en niet-gecertificeerde afwikkel-wikkelramen en
andere geavanceerde accessoires van andere fabrikanten

• Laser + White print
• High volume
• Tot 330mm breedte

Challenging market standards – setting new marks

With a media width of 330mms & White, the Oki Cobra 5C 330 changes toner roll-to-roll production
printing for good.

Speed when you need it.

The Oki Cobra 5C 330 delivers up to 11,2 meters per minute print
Color Accuracy. The Oki Cobra 5C 330 not only has an internal PCL and
Adobe PostScript3 interpreter inside, but also comes with an industry-leading
RIP Software, giving you full control over color and the production run.
Ready in virtually no time. The Oki Cobra 5C 330’s set-up time is far
shorter than any other system on the market.
Low energy consumption. The Oki Cobra 5C 330 operates on standard
220/110V outlets and has multiple advanced energy-saving modes you
can set.

High fidelity colour, optimised workflow.

The Oki Cobra 5C 330 print engine comes with the best-of-breed RIP and
workow solution available.
Digital Factory is a completely integrated print as well as print and cut software
package, easily extendable and the most user-friendly print production
companion on the market. Empowering all digital production projects on
and around the Oki Cobra 5C 330 – from start to finish.

Roll to roll system

This system offortlessly manages media up to 330mm in width, accommadating label rolls with a diameter of up to 500mm and featuring a convenient 76mm pneumatic core holder.
Our innovative design includes a removable base that simplifies printer positioning and alignment when used in conjunction with the roll-to-roll system.
Furthermore, through the integration of ultrasonic sensors, each core holder automatically fine-tunes the tension of the media on the roll, while precision
nip rollers ensure a seamless and consistent media feed. Crafted with the utmost attention to detail, this system boasts sturdy 1cm aluminum panels that provide robust support for
your printer, enhancing both its durability and overall quality.



Productie toestel


4-kleur, Zwart-wit

Max Print breedte (mm)


Max Print Resolutie (dpi)


Max Print snelheid m/min


Printkop technologie

Single pass


Laser/dry toner

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