Scorpio Digitale label afwerking 355mm

Brand: DPR

Gemakkelijk afrollen, lamineren, digitaal stanst, overtollig etiket materiaal oprolt en daarna weer oprolt. 2 versies: Virgo 14PL kan tot 122mm breedt snijden en Virgo 22PL tot 225mm breed

    • Labelafwerking op rol
    • Digitaal
    • 600 mm/s snijsnelheid

    The Scorpio Series are all-in-one systems that unwind, laminate for labels added durability (not possible on Scorpia Basic), digitally die-cut, remove the excess label material around each die-cut shape, slit, and rewind offering you everything to professionally cut and finish labels.

    All systems provide a very accurate label finishing solution using cutting plotter technology.
    This allows you to cut different types of material and shapes on the fly without the added cost of dies.

    The units are equipped with a cutter management tool that works together with a camera forming an integrated optical black-mark registration system providing cutting speed optimization and avoiding synchronization issues.

    Some benefits of using the Scorpio Series :

    •  Short run label production in-house means reducing inventory requirements and costs
    •  Producing full bleed labels will no longer be a nightmare
    •  Laminating for labels added durability (no need for special media)
    •  No need to order pre-die cut label rolls
    •  No need for ultra-precise label margin adjustment when printing in full bleed
    •  No need to set up a minimum gap between labels when printing in full bleed (saving on media)

    Scorpio Software

    Scorpio software works together with a camera forming an integrated optical black-mark registration system.

    Through the software, the operator imports the cutting file from Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw and creates a black-mark inside the cutting file.

    The camera detects the black-mark printed on the media and the software matches it with the black-mark created inside the cutting file.

    This process synchronizes when and where starting the job.

    Artikelnummer: DPRSCR35PL

    ScorpioBasicPlusPlus GL
    Max. spoel diameter ingang/uitgang250mm
    Minimale/maximale breedte110/225mm355mm
    Maximale snijbreedte200mm200mm330mm
    Minimale snijbreedte19mm
    Max. aantal snijbladen8813
    AfmetingenL: 150cm
    H: 145cm
    W: 70cm
    L: 200cm
    H: 145cm
    W: 70cm
    L: 200cm
    H: 145cm
    W: 70cm
    Doornmaat haspel76mm
    Min/max label lengte10/381mm
    Maximale substraatdikte0.25mm
    Max. snijsnelheid600 mm/s in alle richtingen


    Specificaties snijplotter

    Type snede1 schuifmes en raaklijnemulatie
    GegevensinterfaceUSB 2.0
    Lineaire snijsnelheidvolgens grafiek 2 vierkanten 80×80 mm of 34 labels/min
    Programmeerbare snijkracht2,94 N tot 3,2 N in 31 stappen
    Functie voor snijtestJa
    Sectie in registeréénpunts zwartmarkeringsregister (vierkant 4 mm)
    Snijcapaciteitbedrukte en niet-bedrukte substraten
    Interface en softwareScorpio Software (Window OS) hulpprogramma voor snijbeheer
    Plugin voor CorelDraw en Adobe Illustrator
    Stroomvereisten100-240 VAC, 240 WATT



    Type product


    Type labelafwerking

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