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Second-hand machines

A 2nd hand machine such as a colour label printer at Tasco is often available. Besides the investment to buy your machine in 1 go, there is also the option to buy your desired 2nd hand machines. This gives you the chance to own a machine at a reduced price that has already been on the market but has of course been fully serviced by a technician with us.

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Very often it is the case that a customer switches from a printing company to in-house flexible printing. Here, this customer buys an entry-level model to check that our solution fits into the company’s production process and operation. After an indefinite period of time, this customer is convinced of this solution after which he upgrades his device. This is the same when a company is starting up and the need for labels in terms of quantity is still unclear. When the products are a success, the customer looks for a solution that better suits his needs at that time. We buy the device back at the agreed residual value or give a discount on the new device. In this way, we have created a range of 2nd-hand machines of colour label printers. We put these back in working order if necessary and can offer them again.

Where do they come from?

There are several reasons why we are selling this unit back.

  • Upgrade of a customer allowing him to sell his old device back to us for a discount on his higher-performance device
  • End of a lease where the customer decides not to continue renting or purchase the unit for residual value
  • Renewal of our showroom model

Our supply of 2nd hand machines is always uncertain and can change overnight.
We do not hold machines on reserve.
Contact your representative and ask about the availability of rebuild machines.

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