1993 - Present

1993 – The first years


Alain De Veleer and Alain Senechal, both seasoned in the IT world, decide to become independent. In the garage of their parents’ house in the Zandstraat in Eke, they started their own IT company. This is the start of Mediapolis: a full service IT company with a local character!

1997 – Start in the graphic arts world


Granada Graphics, a customer of Mediapolis, goes bankrupt. Together with Hubert De Veleer and Jan Soete, Alain and Alain see the opportunity. They take over 13 employees, the customers, the stock and the buildings from the bankruptcy and throw themselves into this new challenge. They soon become known in the graphic world with, among others, the digital duplicators and the Duplo finishing machines. Teleaction was born.

Mediapolis leaves the garage in the Zandstraat and moves to the building in the Berkenlaan in De Pinte.

1999 – Move to Gavere

Current location

Birch Avenue is also bursting at the seams. The growth of Mediapolis and Teleaction continues. A location is sought where there is room to expand in the future. The purchase and move to the current location in Gavere is a fact.

2004 – First color label in the range

Primera Technology

Primera Technology launches the first inkjet color printer for labels in the world. As we are already distributor of the CD printers, this product is also added to our range.

2008 – First renovations and new corporate identity


Teleaction and Mediapolis have meanwhile continued to grow. The current buildings are already too small; a renovation is urgently needed. From now on customers can visit a showroom of no less than 250m² and employees work in a spacious and light landscape office.

At the same time a new house style is being created under the name Ta&Co with different departments to make the increasingly diverse range of products clear to our customers:

  • TA FINISHING SOLUTIONS includes all products aimed at finishing printed matter

  • TA SPECIALTY PRINTING promotes specialty printing solutions for occasion printing, card printing and of course label printing

  • TA INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY contains all IT activities of Mediapolis.
  • TA TECHNICAL SERVICES stands for our own professional technical service

2010 – New printing technology

Astro Machine Corporation

Memjet shows their new revolutionary printing technology for the first time. One of our regular suppliers, Astro Machine corporation from Chicago, introduces the Astrojet M1 at the Ipex in England. This envelope printer becomes a success. At last you can print digitally at low cost and high speed.  During the fair, several label printers with this technology were also presented to the world. A seed is planted.

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