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Tasco has several products in its range. We are a long-time distributor of many solutions for different applications. For each sector, there are colour label printers better suited than others.
In the following pages, we summarise the most popular colour label printers. For each of the sectors we operate in, we provide a video where you can see some of our products in action.

Sectoral references

Finally, we try to provide some references for your sector. Customers who may have been in the same situation and, by partnering with Tasco, were able to answer a problem or need.

Tasco in four different sectors

  • In the beverage industry, we offer solutions for producing labels for bottles, cans and other beverage containers.
  • In the food industry, we have solutions for printing labels for food packaging, including allergen and nutritional information.
  • In the non-food sector, we offer label printing solutions for cosmetics, household products and industrial applications.
  • In services, our machines are well used in companies offering services such as customisation companies.

With our expertise in these four sectors, we can provide tailor-made solutions for our customers’ specific needs.

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