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Fruit juices & soft drinks

Color label printers for fruit juices & soft drinks labels

Water bottles, soft drinks and other beverages have become a popular promotional give-away at trade shows, as well as a great resource for schools and businesses that sell them at sporting events, parties, fundraisers and other special occasions. Simply add company logos, sports mascots, wedding names and photos to personalize labels.
Whether printing hundreds of labels a day or just a few for a small event, Tasco makes it easy. Plus, there are no compromises when it comes to quality.

Personalized beverage labels for a successful marketing impact

In this sense, in a society where variety is increasingly valued and appreciated to take away, the ability to create a format and form related to the designer, origin or region of the beverage marketed becomes essential. Your dedicated lounges will welcome customers who are happy to take home a personalized souvenir of their visit in the form of a pack, can or bottle bearing their name, company or association. Some brands have understood this so well that they have made it a sales area in its own right. Specialty communications magazines also attest to the added value and customer appreciation of labels that are not commonplace. A roll of labels, a printer of suitable quality and easy to move on the stands? Your know-how and reception will take care of the event!

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