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Receive print samples

Get print samples fast! Tasco has lots of printing solutions and label materials. We print your design and receive print samples in the mail a few days later. You test the labels for print quality, resistance, adhesion … A cost calculation is also possible.

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Bright colors and high DPI ! that’s what our solutions are known for. Depending on format, layout and solution your price per piece changes. Our prices are calculated on 1 unique piece. No minimum order! Let the label go through your production process in normal conditions. Vivid colors and high definition are the hallmarks of our solutions. From full-coverage labels (photo quality definition) to industrial designation labels, all activities are represented by our printing samples available in as many materials as desired (paper, poly, kraft, transparencies, etc.). Depending on the size, material, content of your label and the solution you choose, your costs will change. Our prices are calculated on the basis of a single label. From calculation grids resulting from sophisticated evaluations to integrated and reliable machine interface modules, we have a wide range of tools to reflect your costs to the penny!
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Wij printen uw ontwerp en laten deze daarna analyseren door ons kostprijs-calculatie team. Hierna geven we u een opmaak van de inktkosten. Inktkosten zijn een belangrijke factor bij het bepalen van de werkelijke eigendomskosten van een labelprinter. Wanneer u hierbij de blanco labels opteld weet u exact hoeveel uw eiket kost. In veel gevallen komen onze klanten erachter dat het overstappen van een drukkerij naar een Tasco oplossing hun goedkoper zal uitkomen!

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