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Loyalty support program

Tasco’s loyalty programme ensures that loyal Tasco customers basically never pay for support. Thanks to our loyalty system, minutes of technical support are automatically added to your account. If you are a Tasco customer, chances are you have an LSP programme with us. Be sure to contact your sales contact person for more information or view our pdf.

What can you use these free support hours for?

After the appliance has been delivered and installed, you can call on our technical service for support. In principle, you can
so for everything to do with your appliance.

Additional education and training

After all, this way you can be sure of a well-functioning device. Do you have a new operator or are no longer sure how to
how to operate the appliance. Instead of searching through the manual yourself, our technician will be happy to put you on your way. This
You can also ask questions about the software that controls the device. Would you like to replace one of the supplies and have never done so before?
never done this before, don’t worry, we will be happy to help.

For troubleshooting

Even with the best devices, once in a while something can go wrong or you need to reinstall something. Usually, this does not have to be a problem
and is fixed in no time thanks to free support.
Some examples of issues that are fixed in no time:

  • Your device doesn’t work and you don’t know why?
  • The software no longer works.
  • You have a new PC and the software and driver need to be reinstalled.
  • You have accidentally adjusted some parameters incorrectly.
    In exceptional cases, however, a repair or even maintenance will have to be carried out:

Repairs under manufacturer’s warranty

As standard, we follow our suppliers’ warranty terms and conditions. Some manufacturers offer a “Carry-in” warranty,
others offer a “parts-only” guarantee. In the former case, no time is charged.

Where only the parts guarantee is provided as standard, the hours required for the repair will be
will be charged.

Did you know that our technical department can offer a warranty extension of up to 5 years?
A warranty extension (WEXT) extends your warranty to 5 years. Combined with free working hours, this gives you a fixed income and 5 years of peace of mind. Moreover, you get priority for technical interventions and a trade-in is possible in most cases.

Repairs outside warranty

All working hours are charged by our loyalty programme. Only parts and components that have been replaced
will be invoiced.


Maintenance is not a technical defect and is never covered by the warranty. Regular preventive maintenance is recommended
to ensure that your equipment functions optimally.

Did you know that we have a direct number for our technical service?
On our helpdesk, you will always get a technician on the line. This way, you won’t lose precious time. If neither the technician, nor his colleagues, can help you by phone
can help you by phone, the planning department will be able to schedule an immediate intervention on site. Thanks to the technician’s knowledge of the problem
problem, the intervention will be much easier and faster.
NL: +32 9 389 79 90 Planning@tasco.be
FR: +33 3 62 26 00 21 Support@tascofrance.fr

If you have further questions about Tasco’s Loyalty support programme (LSP) Be sure to contact us and ask about our free support options.

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