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Discover our beloved artisanal labels for a unique style

At our place, we cherish the art of artisanal label design, and our popular artisanal labels proudly reflect that. Our collection includes a beautiful range of high-quality materials, each with its own unique character and appearance.

Each of our artisanal labels is carefully crafted with attention to detail to meet the needs of both creatives and professionals. Whether you want to label a craft product or add a unique touch to your branding, our labels offer a variety of possibilities. Choose the perfect label today to tell your story and make an impression with your designs.

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  1. LIM002 Brown Kraft Paper: For a rustic, natural look, our brown kraft paper is the ideal choice. It stands out with its earthy texture and warm tones, perfect for craft products and DIY projects.
  2. LIM003 Uncoated White Kraft Paper: The uncoated white kraft paper exudes simple elegance. With a natural white background, this label is perfect for a minimalist and modern look.
  3. LPE018 Textured White Paper “Antique White”: For a touch of vintage flair, our textured labels in “Antique White” are the right choice. The subtle texture and soft white hue evoke a sense of timeless class.
  4. LPE019 Textured Paper “Antique Cream”: If you're looking for warmth and character, consider our textured labels in “Antique Cream.” The cream-colored tint and refined texture add a touch of luxury to your designs.
  5. DJM008 Matte White Paper: Our matte white labels offer versatility and sleekness in one. This classic, versatile paper is ideal for a wide range of applications, from business branding to personal projects.

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