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Packaging printers, in addition to printing labels, are an ideal way to add information and a professional look to your product. The Astro world including the M1 and S1 allows labels and other illustrations to be printed directly onto the material, with packaging up to 1 cm thick.



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Astro's Memjet and inkjet packaging printers

The AstroJet S1 is 1 of the most versatile devices in the range of packaging printers with a Memjet technology and is an excellent example of professional packaging printers the ability to print packaging efficiently and aesthetically. Thanks to the adjustable print head, the applications and possibilities are endless. The printer is based on the developments of the M1, thousands of which are still in use today. From bread bags to bubble wrap to cereal boxes, all packaging of eligible thicknesses are professionally illustrated.

Flexible packaging printers

The Anytron, Bizpress can also be used as flexible packaging printers. Contact your representative for more information.


The ATS range can be described as the most efficient and economical tabbers ever! This type of equipment automatically applies self-adhesive tabs or plate stamps to opened mail. This machine is also very easy to install and operate, and seals a variety of media at impressive speeds. This modular tabbing system works in-line or alone with its own feeding system, and can even be used in tandem for tabbing by two people.


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