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The top 10 advantages of a colour label printer

How to increase your efficiency and profitability

Tasco launched the first in-house, short-run digital colour label printer in 2004. Since then, colour label printing has become an integral part of the in-house packaging production process. Today, thousands of manufacturers, processors and retailers around the world are increasing their sales revenues and profits by producing their own colour labels. They do this flexibly and from their own factories and offices with a colour label printer. In the following article, we will discuss the various advantages of a colour label printer.

1. Private labeling

Having an in-house label printer enables the following points:

  • Full Private labelling, where the product is labelled as a customer brand or shop brand and the manufacturer’s name is removed entirely
  • Co-Private Labelling, where the manufacturer’s name and logo are printed on the label along with the customer’s brand artwork.

Private labelling has exploded in the last decade. Especially in the food, beverage, cosmetics, chemical, medical, CBD and dietary supplement industries, private labelling is on the rise. Studies have shown that most consumers prefer private label or store-branded products because of the higher quality or value offered by the product. Manufacturers using in-house colour label printers can command a competitive advantage in the market. They gain a larger market share serving more customers with private label products. In addition, they can quickly customise affordable label quantities in short runs.

voordelen kleuren etikettenprinter private labeling

Produce labels directly

With an in-house colour label printer, manufacturers have the flexibility to print labels instantly. Packaging lines can be switched over in minutes and start labelling new products immediately.

The ability to print the exact number of labels you want, when you need them, affects not only product marketing, but also productivity. Creating labels on demand allows the packaging department to look for labels at the last minute. Even with the best forecasting and purchasing practices for manufacturers with a family of multiple products, it is often a challenge to stock the right label for the right product at the right time. With an in-house colour label printer, manufacturers have the flexibility to print labels instantly. Packaging lines can then be switched over in minutes. You start labelling new products immediately.

voordelen kleuren etikettenprinter direct etiketten produceren

Cutting costs and reducing inventory

When labels are printed on demand with a Tasco printer, there is no need to stock expensive printed labels.

Printing your own labels reduces costs for short runs. At the same time, this enables companies to replace stocks with lean, just-in-time production methods.

Even with the best inventory management, it is difficult to predict how many labels will actually be used before products or label designs change. Moreover, the economics of traditional label printing require printers to buy large quantities of labels. You usually have to order more labels than you need at the time. As a result, rolls of purchased labels remain constantly in stock. After a long storage period, labels can become dirty, damaged or yellowed and lose their adhesive strength. The labels, or even the products to which the labels are applied, may also become obsolete before they are used.

You are ready to ship labelled products at any time

An in-house label printer removes the unpredictability of label availability

Production managers have sometimes found themselves in the situation of not being able to ship products to a waiting customer due to missing labels on the product. The result is often missed deadlines, expensive rush shipments, backorders, reduced profitability and lost revenue. In these cases, waiting customers may decide to choose another supplier instead of waiting for a late shipment. Owning your own label printer takes away the
unpredictability of label availability away. As long as managers keep a stock of printing supplies, they are always ready to print the labels they need.

printen elk moment verzenden labels

More production flexibility – Label any product, at any time

Printing your own labels simplifies the traditional labelling process:

Traditionally, colour labels for eht front/marketing the product were printed off-site by a commercial label printer, while “back labels” with product-specific text and barcodes were printed internally on a simple barcode label printer. Today, Tasco printers have changed the label printing workflow by making it completely in-house. With Tasco, for example, both the full-colour first impression label and the “behind” label with product-specific text and barcodes can be printed simultaneously, in a single print run.

voordelen kleuren labelprinters productieflexibiliteit - Label elk product, op elk moment

One Pass Label Printing – including data, barcodes and serialisation

Quality controllers are relieved of many of the stringent regulatory requirements that apply to labels because all information can be printed on the fly, including serial barcodes, lot codes, batch codes and expiry dates. Labels can be physically printed near the product receiving the label, reducing the likelihood of human error in the labelling process and eliminating the need to stockpile printed labels and quarantine and discard out-of-date labels.

voordelen kleuren etikettenprinter one pass label printing productieflexibiliteit

Maintain internal quality control

By creating on-demand colour labels with an in-house Tasco printer, your company can guarantee strict control over the labels.

For companies in highly regulated industries such as pharmaceuticals, medical devices, hazardous chemicals, and increasingly food supplements and food, it is crucial that the packaging process meets quality standards set by external auditors and enforced by internal quality management systems. With a Tasco printer, it costs nothing to add or remove label content, an advantage for companies in regulated industries where mandatory label changes are a costly affair. Country of origin legislation, stricter labelling information and new GHS chemical hazard regulations are recent examples of government labelling standards that have led companies to completely revamp their labels. By creating colour labels on-demand with an in-house Tasco printer, your company can ensure that it maintains strict control over the labels so that your production can always label the right product, for the right customer, at the right time.

labelprinters handhaven kwaliteitscontrole

8 Reducing delivery time to market

More than ever, customer convenience and keeping up with demand are high priorities for most companies. Not only do consumers expect things faster, but product demands have never been higher, especially for industries such as medical, pharmaceutical, sanitary and food. With an in-house label printer, you can print on-demand labels and deliver shipments to retailers and customers faster, easier and more efficiently.

voordelen kleuren etikettenprinter leverijden verkorten

Offer contract labelling

Contract packers provide custom labelling services to companies looking to outsource packaging services, both to control quality and costs. If you are a professional contract packer, you already understand the revenue-boosting value of flexible, in-house label printing. If you are a company considering the purchase of a colour label printer for your own use, you may also benefit by providing label services to other companies in your geographical area or industry. The flexibility of owning a colour label printer allows owners to act as contract packagers, producing labels in any size, shape or design, meeting customers’ branding and technical requirements. By printing labels as a service, you can increase your revenues and profits while capturing excess production capacity.

voordelen kleuren etikettenprinter contractlabeling

10 Produce short runs

A Tasco in-house colour label printer offers the flexibility to change labels as needed for export markets.

There are several advantages of small-run production. Some of these include providing limited-time offers to consumers, such as seasonal flavours for the holidays, producing customised products for
customers, eliminating unnecessary waste by not printing more than you need, or simply the flexibility to produce a small, limited batch of labels for a variety of reasons. An example would be companies that adapt their production process to the needs of their community by producing sanitary or protective products during difficult times, such as COVID-19.

labelprinters korte runs

These were the top 10 benefits of having a colour label printer in your home. Be sure to contact one of our sales people to discuss our solutions and your needs in an exploratory meeting

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