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Color label printers for beer labels

Like other breweries, print your own labels with a color label printer. Fast, easy and inexpensive. Choose your own quantities without loss!
With many different flavors, special editions and large numbers of references, breweries regularly use many different labels. The freedom to print your own quality labels with a color label printer has many advantages. First, you are always aware of the mandatory information (ingredients) that must be on a label. In addition, you have the opportunity to develop unique and eye-catching products. Private labeling for a special production or a custom batch? You offer your customer a unique beer and feel. Stand out on the shelves with a playful label or stand out in restaurants with a very professional label. Labeling afterwards is also possible with one of our applicators. Many types of packaging are suitable for labeling (plastic trays, cardboard boxes with foil, round jars, etc.).


Breweryde vlier

Brouwerij de vlier kleuren etikettenprinter labels

Tasco has been working with Brewery De Vlier for many years. Specializing in unique (aperitif) beers in 75cl bottles. Brewery De Vlier provides a tasty alternative to a good wine or champagne. With the growth of their brewery, the need for labels has only increased. Fortunately, Tasco can grow with all the quantities. Thus, brewery De Vlier started with our Primera LX900e label printer (The old model of the LX910e), this in combination with our semi-automatic applicator (AP362e) that allows quick professional labeling of any bottle. After 3 years and the release of several recipes, we upgraded to an Astro M1C, our high performance label printing solution. This allows for faster and more production. The cost per print is also significantly lower with this.

Brouwerij de vlier voorbeeld kleuren etikettenprinter labels

De Ranke Brewery

Brouwerij  De Ranke kleuren etikettenprinter labels

As a brewery, De Ranke takes enormous pride in the results they deliver. They and many other mid-sized breweries produce just the tastiest, most unique and wonderful beers. Ethical, ecological and sustainable business practices are central to De Ranke Brewery. These values and standards are also very important to Tasco. So De Ranke entered into a partnership with Tasco for an Astro M1C label printer. Our high performance solution. This on the one hand for small print runs of up to 1000 pieces at a time. This way they can work flexibly, for example when the brewery wants to introduce the world to one of their new creations. The decisive factor was the growing volume of their exports. New countries mean new languages resulting in many variations of counter-labels. Finally, an in-house label printer is very interesting for the identification of their boxes. The water-washable labels that Tasco produces itself may become an interesting material in the future when Brewery De Ranke starts taking back their bottles for reuse.

Brouwerij  De Ranke voorbeeld kleuren etikettenprinter labels

Oosteke brewers

Micro brouwerijen hebben grote voordelen om zelf etiketten te printen. Voornamelijk op vlak van flexibiliteit kunnen zij heel veel nut halen uit een labelprinter van Tasco. Zo produceerde Oosteke Brouwers voor de eindejaarsperiode een limited edition gin waar ze ze slechts 150 flessen van verkochten. Hun Bieren worden in volumes gebrouwen tussen de 1500 tot 6000 flesjes. Gebrouwen en gevuld zonder label. Daarna kan Oosteke Brouwers de naam wijzigen zoals ze zelf willen. Het grootste deel gaat met eigen etiket op de markt. Daarnaast hebben ze nog verschillende andere afnemers met eigen etiket. Leden van een club of vereniging betalen graag bij voor hun eigen bier. Deze labels kunnen zeer snel en zeer makkelijk geprint worden met de Astrojet L1.

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