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brand: Primera

Be creative and print photos, logos, designs and text directly on the surface of many foods. Simple, fast and in full-color!

  • Feeding Mechanism

    Print objects can be transported to the printer manually or automatically using the carousel plate. Different print widths and heights arise depending on the input mode. When Eddie is used in manual mode, food must be placed directly on the feed arm. Alternatively, specially made trays can be used.

  • Simple Operation

    Up to 12 print objects can be placed on the carousel plate. During printing, these can be easily placed and retrieved, enabling a continuous, smooth workflow.

  • No Change in Taste

    Thanks to direct printing, there is no strange film or aftertaste that would reduce the quality of the food.

  • Direct Food Printing

    Food printers in this price range usually print on wafer paper or fondant sheets. When these are stuck to the product, they not only change the appearance and taste but can also reduce its value (e.g., a macaron with an attached wafer). Eddie prints directly on the food item, ensuring a very professional look and a lot of detail. Even curved and uneven surfaces yield beautiful results.

  • Full Food Safety Certificates

    Eddie is designed to be used in food processing environments to meet all hygiene standards. Stainless steel housing, easy-to-clean components, and certified ink with EU and FDA approvals make Eddie the safest direct-to-food printer in its class.

  • Enclosed Printhead and Ink Cartridge

    Eddie has the printhead and ink compartment in one cartridge, eliminating the chance of bacteria buildup in ink tubes or permanently installed printheads during use. When the ink runs out, replacing the cartridge takes seconds. With each cartridge change, you also always use a new printhead, literally giving you a new printer.

Custom Trays

Trays and spacers specially developed for Eddie are available for both input options. These allow printing on a wide variety of objects within the specifications. Custom trays can be produced upon request.

When used with the included carousel input, Eddie can print on suitable food items such as cookies, candies, white chocolate, biscuits, macarons, marshmallows, chocolate lentils, and more with a maximum diameter of 89mm and a height of 20-25mm.

The manual mode extends these parameters to a maximum of 120 x 120mm and allows thicker items with a maximum height of 27mm.

The “macaron tray” is one of the many new food trays that DTM Print has specially designed for Eddie, including a tray for chocolate lentils and a tray with an engraved grid that makes positioning the food much easier. By using custom trays, the production of multiple items in one run is easy, precise, and depending on the item, faster.


Article Number: PRI74111



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