Earning working hours

There are two ways to earn support hours. On the one hand, hours are automatically awarded with every order on which you, the customer, pay order fees. Secondly, you can also earn free minutes by completing small orders. Beware! Minutes can only be added up to the initially purchased set of hours for installation. If this pot is full, no additional minutes are added. Finally, you will always be charged a call-out fee if one of our technicians has to travel for a technical intervention.

Automatically earned working hours

24 minutes for each order with order costs

+24 minutes EXTRA for each order via the personal order form
Moreover, if you use your personal completion document, we will increase the allotted time

+24 minutes EXTRA for each payment of this order by direct debit
If you use direct debit for payments, we already increase the allotted time.

TOTAL: 72 minutes per order

Please contact our administrative department to arrange your direct debit and personal completion document – mail to supplies@tasco.be

Earning working hours for customer engagement

We also thank the customers involved with us.

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  • Following us on social media (facebook, linkedin, youtube,…)
  • A positive review on the internet
  • Passing on someone showing strong interest
  • Act as a reference on our website or collaborate on a testimonial
  • Tasco events sharing on social media

The full list of actions, can be found on the following page

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