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Exchanging supplies

Warranty on supplies at Tasco

Warranty on consumables is not a standard issue. Many of our colleagues allow no warranty at all
no warranty at all or a very limited warranty. Tasco provides a very generous warranty for consumables (only
on cartridges, not on printheads and maintenance modules), but it goes without saying that this
can only be allowed under strict conditions.

The warranty is:
● Carry-in. In other words, the customer must return the defective supply at his own expense to Tasco’s warehouse
of Tasco in Belgium.
● No exchange. The customer must order the same product at its usual conditions.
After full completion of the procedures, the customer will receive a credit note if ALL conditions are met.

Request approval from our technical department to return your faulty supplies here!

This ensures that all necessary documents are present and there is much less chance that returned supplies will be rejected.
Fill in your request and get an immediate answer as to whether your supplies will be replaced.

Conditions for valid warranty

Supply is reimbursed pro-rata according to consumption in instalments of 20%. A credit note for the
remaining consumption will be issued (E.g. if the weight indicates that 38% of the supply was
consumed, you will receive a credit note for 60% of the value of the supply). The consumption is thus
always rounded up to the higher 20% bracket.
● Supply consumed 80% or more will not be reimbursed. The counter readings and consumption
are always estimates and 80% can therefore also be considered normal consumption.
● The supply must have been purchased from Tasco a maximum of 12 months ago.

The following document is necessary to authorise a credit note:
● Copy invoice of the purchase + clear and detailed description of the problem
● Whenever possible, test prints on which the problem is clearly visible
Configuration page (for Imprint only)

Packaging and handling requirements for supply.
● In the original packaging and sealed
● Openings on the cartridges should be sealed. Please do not stick tape on the spray channels
of the cartridge, this will make testing impossible.
● The photoconductors should be sealed (orange lid) and first wrapped in sealed plastic to
be packed. Toners must be closed (valve).

This is necessary for testing the supply. Goods not packed correctly leak during transport and
cannot be tested. If the goods cannot be tested, a credit note is


The customer orders the new supply for which he receives an invoice. This invoice must be paid in full within
the normal terms and conditions. Regardless of whether a credit note is issued later
due to warranty.
● The customer returns the defective supply AT OWN COST to Tasco’s warehouse in Belgium. The
supply must be properly packed and have the necessary documents.
● Once we have received the supply, it will be tested and a decision made as to whether a
credit note (full, partial or none) will be issued.
● The credit note will not be authorised if the procedure was not followed, any of the
above conditions were not met or the product was simply not under warranty.

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