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Some of our customers

Check out some of Tasco’s customers and references here. Each with their own answered needs thanks to 1 or more of our machines.

‘T lof der kruiden

'T lof der kruiden logo etiketten kleuren labelprinter kruiden en specerijen
Herbs, essential oils; organic cereals, herbal teas…
So these different products all had to have different labels.
On bottles, sachets and on cans
T’Praise of Herbs chose to work with Tasco and now prints their labels entirely in-house, and on biodegradable labels at that.

'T lof der kruiden voorbeeld etiketten kleuren labelprinter kruiden en specerijen klanten referenties tasco


Kokopelli logo etiketten kleuren labelprinter kruiden en specerijen

The Kokopelli Association in Mas d’Azil in Ariège has been fighting for more than 20 years for the right to sow vegetable, medicinal, cereal and flower varieties – free and reproducible! Depending on the year, it offers between 1,500 and 2,000 varieties, distributed in bags.
The Kokopelli Association needed direct printing on perforated kraft bags. Tasco suggested one of its high-quality printing solutions, the Astro S1. The S1 has many advantages that convinced Kokopelli. For example, the S1 has high print quality and print speed. It is very important that the height of the print head can be easily adjusted , this means printing on kraft bags at any time.
With great results!


Deleye Products possesses an extensive and innovative range of quality frozen products.
They therefore specialise in frozen products for the creations of luxury desserts. (pastries, cakes, ice cream balls) so they are suppliers of the various ingredients used to put many delicious creations on the table all over Europe and North America. Deleye says they also attach great importance to beautiful and protective packaging.
For this, they chose to collaborate with Tasco and decided to purchase an M1C printer.
Kleuren etikettenprinter labels roomijs en diepvriesvoeding klanten referenties tasco
Callebaut Logo Kleuren etikettenprinter labels chocolade en suikergoed


Barry Callebaut is leading manufacturer of high-quality chocolate and cocoa products known all over the world. Tasco and Barry Callebaut partnered and together found the ideal machine for their need. The use of our Astrojet M1C is deployed to combat a specific problem. For example, they use the Astro M1-C not to print colour labels, but to print black-and-white labels. Callebaut has a European distribution centre where orders are prepared on pallets. These have to be labelled in the different languages for the many countries where the products are to be shipped, including, for example, Russian, so foreign characters have to be displayed and legible, even when printing on very small labels. The printers in our range are known for their high print quality (photo quality). For example, we distribute label printers that work with an inkjet system, allowing printing at a very high DPI.
Callebaut voorbeeld Kleuren etikettenprinter labels chocolade en suikergoed  klanten referenties tasco


Shouka Logo Kleuren etikettenprinter labels chocolade en suikergoed
Housed in a former restaurant and bar, in typical Chamonix style, Shoukâ offers “bean to bar” chocolate and “bean to cup” coffee. This is literally from cocoa bean to chocolate bar and coffee bean to delicious coffee.
At Shoukâ, they believe it is important to control the entire production chain. This is, of course, primarily about the right raw materials, but they also want full control over the packaging and the finished product. For this, they needed a printer for their own labels. Some complex labels are still supplied by the printer, but have to be provided with variable data and logos. Thanks to the dry toner technology of the OKI PRO1040, this printing succeeds without any problems. Other labels are of course fully printed with this label printer.
Shouka Voorbeeld Kleuren etikettenprinter labels chocolade en suikergoed  klanten referenties tasco

Les Quenelles du soleil

In their workshop, they make this typical Lyon speciality using traditional methods. These ‘quenelles’ are then distributed to restaurants and wholesalers in Lyon, but can also be bought by private individuals in their shop or via the webshop. Since they are fresh food products, the label must always include variable information (ingredients, expiry date, allergens, lot number, etc.) Moreover, they have different versions of their ‘Quenelles’, so a photo offers added value and recognisability. For this, they opted to print their own labels with a Primera LX2000e (The predecessor of the LX3000e). Thanks to its pigment inks, this ensures a resistant print even in humid conditions.
Bereide maaltijden Les Quenelles du soleil Kleuren etikettenprinter labels

Brouwerij de vlier

Brouwerij de vlier kleuren etikettenprinter labels

Tasco has worked with De Vlier Brewery for many years. Specialising in unique (aperitif) beers in 75cl bottles. Brewery De Vlier provides a tasty alternative to a fine wine or champagne. With the growth of their brewery, the need for labels has also only increased. Fortunately, Tasco can grow with all volumes. So brewery De Vlier started with our Primera LX900e label printer (The old model of the LX910e), this in combination with our semi-automatic applicator (AP362e) that allows quick professional labelling of any bottle. After 3 years and the release of several recipes, we upgraded to an Astro M1C, our high-performance label printing solution. This enables faster and more production. The cost per print is also significantly lower in this process.

Brouwerij de vlier voorbeeld kleuren etikettenprinter labels klanten referenties tasco

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