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Warranty extention

What do we mean by standard guarantee

You never have to worry again. Tasco’s warranty extension on your machines gives you 5 years of peace of mind. For the standard warranty, please refer to our suppliers’ warranty conditions. This manufacturer’s warranty only covers the pieces and is valid for 1 year.

Standard guarantee:

  • The warranty is valid for 1 year
  • The warranty is the manufacturer’s warranty whether or not extended by our company.
  • Maintenance work is not covered by the warranty
  • Operating parts such as strings, brushes, wheels,
  • For damage caused by misuse and other limitations related to warranty, please refer to the general sales conditions and the manufacturer’s warranty conditions. The full text of the sales conditions remains applicable.
  • No guaranteed intervention time

For certain products, we provide an extension of this guarantee to “carry-in” as standard.

Other forms of guarantee:

  1. “Carry-in” warranty: A Primera Disc Publisher includes a carry-in warranty. You send the device in its original packaging. Our technical service will carry out the repair. Only the working hours of the repair and the pieces are covered by the warranty. If you choose to have the warranty carried out on site, the travel will be charged.
  2. Transport en/of verhuizing worden in rekening gebracht via WUC (zie brochure).

Other forms of guarantee:

  1. Warranty on pieces: Mainly on smaller and less common appliances, the warranty will only apply to the pieces. You will be charged for all working hours and any travel.
  2. Pure manufacturer’s warranty for IT equipment: The warranty of an HP notebook will be carried out by the manufacturer itself instead of by our technical service.

To carry out the warranty as smoothly as possible and avoid unnecessary travel, you, the customer, are expected to assist our technical department. You authorise remote takeover of the computer to rule out certain software problems. Our technical service will also ask you to carry out certain operations in order to make a correct diagnosis.

For short notice, the technical department may ask you to replace simple replaceable spare parts yourself. To do this, you send the defective part to us. After proof of dispatch, we will send you back a working part. Our technical service can also decide to exchange the appliance completely.

2. WEXT or Warranty extension short

When purchasing our machines, you can opt for an extension of the warranty to 5 years. This gives you extra security and the investment is perfectly budgetable, even in the long term.

2a Advantages of a WEXT

  1. A truly fixed price for five years
  2. Guaranteed intervention “next business day”
  3. An optimally functioning device
  4. Extending the technical lifetime of the device
  5. No unpleasant surprises for your budget
  6. The best guarantee for production continuity

2bIncluded in a WEXT

  • With a warranty extension, all the achievements and conditions of the standard warranty continue to apply. However, they are extended with a number of additional guarantees and services.
  • The warranty extension is best arranged together with the purchase of the appliance. In that case, the warranty extension amount is also included in the purchase price of the appliance and can therefore be co-financed or leased if desired.
  • The warranty extension is valid for 5 years from the date of installation . Afterwards, an annual extension is possible, at the then current rates and subject to the agreement of the technical department. A fixed price for five years, with no possible increases in the small print. There is no clearer and fairer agreement!
  • All parts covered by the standard warranty are of course also covered by the warranty extension, with the same conditions and exclusions. The extension therefore extends the warranty period and does not change the content. If the standard warranty is e.g. 1 year “on-site”, with a WEXT you will obtain 5 years “on-site” warranty.
  • An intervention will include any firmware upgrades provided by the manufacturer free of charge.
  • The warranty extension was provided for the professional customer. The customer for whom the operational reliability of the appliance takes precedence. Therefore, with the warranty extension, you are guaranteed an intervention the next working day. An additional service that we are happy to provide. Depending on availability, you will also receive a replacement device for the duration of the repair. A free service only for our customers with

2c Conditions of a WEXT

Our WEXT is offered at an extremely low price, namely half the normal market value. The WEXT is therefore only valid if you, the customer, have purchased all consumables for the appliance from us. If this condition is not met, Tasco has the right to refuse the warranty without any compensation for the customer or to charge the additional price retroactively.

2d WEXT expansion

Many of our devices are used in production environments. You can always opt for extra fast intervention times.

Our standard interventions are:

  • We aim for interventions NBD* (Next Business Day).
  • All calls and interventions happen during our office hours.

Customers with a WEXT are always given priority in planning. After all, it is important to them that their appliance works optimally. This is followed by customers with a working hours contract (WUC).

Possible extensions:

These are only available if you already own a 5-year WEXT on your device.

  1. Weekend watch for 1 weekend. A one-off weekend watch can be organised at your request. You can
  2. Count on a 24/24 permanence with 2h intervention that weekend.
  3. Intervention 4h instead of NBD for 5 years. This option is only offered in combination with a set of spare parts on consignment with you. The option therefore not only ensures you a faster intervention but also increases the likelihood of 4h CTF (call to Fix).
  4. “Intervention 2h” instead of NBD for 5 years. This option is only offered in combination with a set of spare parts on consignment with you. So the option not only ensures you faster intervention but also increases the likelihood of 2h CTF (call to Fix).
  5. “0h call to fix”. For really critical applications, you have the option of renting a second configuration from us for the period of 5 years. This device may of course only be used in the event of a failure of your own configuration and remains our property. You always have a back-up configuration at home!
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