Discover Astro’s advanced solutions for address printers and mail processing applications. Recognized worldwide as America’s most renowned manufacturer of mail processing machines, with a dedicated team of engineers and production technicians in Illinois.
High quality inkjet printers for professional mail processing
Astro’s range of inkjet printers includes both professional-use and heavy-duty address printers. The professional-use inkjet printers are equipped with immobile ink heads, allowing high print speeds of up to 30,000 covers per hour. This advanced technology makes them ideally suited for professional mail processing applications where large volumes of work must be processed. With customer references and years of experience, Astro’s specialists are ready to help you find the right inkjet printer to meet your needs.
Quality, fast and economical solutions for mailings
In addition to inkjet printers, Astro also offers a wide range of feeders, conveyors and automatic labelers, allowing them to provide a complete solution for mail processing applications. With a focus on quality, speed and cost-effectiveness, Astro’s solutions are ideal for large-scale mail processing. With a strong reputation in the industry and a commitment to technological advancement, you can rely on Astro’s expertise for high-quality inkjet printers for address printing and mail processing applications.

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