(Semi) rotary die-cutters on roll

Rotary and flat-bed punching machines are the ideal solution for small quantities, when quick turnaround and short set-up times are required. Cutting printed or blank rolls is easy with our customized solutions. Fast, efficient conversion to other formats can be achieved conventionally with a rotary die or digitally with blades. Each of our solutions has its own advantages.

The XtraDie is a good example of a choice of rotary and flatbed punching machines. It’s a precise punching system with a flat punch. All you have to do is slide in your file, the whole operation being scrupulously checked by the computer. Everything is then guided in the right direction by photoelectric cells. You can perforate the labels, rewind the waste onto a new roll and wind up the slit material in a single pass. The XtraDie is ideal for cutting self-adhesive paper, labels and other applications.

It’s ideal for use with flexo printers, screen printers and more…


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