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Work hour contract (WUC)

With a working hours contract with tasco, you have unlimited hours of support. These hours are entirely up to you. They can be used, for example, for installation, training or after-sales support.

1 Working hour contract in practice

We explain the WUC using a practical example.

Situation report

This is applicable to mainland Belgium, France, Luxembourg and the Netherlands (excluding islands, remote and overseas territories). Only the call-out charges may differ.


With us, our technician needs half an hour for preparation, he comes on site and needs 2 h to unload and install the machine. You will then receive 1h of training. For this, 4.5h will be deducted from your working hour contract. (total time needed by our technician + 1h fixed for the travel).


Your machine asks you to replace a part. You vaguely remember the technician mentioning this during training, but wonder how this was done correctly. Instead of searching and reading the manual, you can always call our help desk. Fifteen minutes later, you are back in production thanks to telephone support from one of our technicians.

Repair under warranty:

Your device has a technical problem and is still under warranty. The factory warranty for that type of device is carry-in. (Without warranty extension/WEXT, the factory warranty is carried out as a standard warranty). The technician will still have to come on site to repair the appliance. You will not be charged for parts and labour. You will be invoiced for the journey.

Ordinary repair:

After the warranty period, another problem occurs. Our technician comes on site and replaces 2 parts worth €250. The repair takes 2h. A total of 3h will be deducted from the WUC. Only an invoice for the replacement parts will be drawn up and sent.

2a. Working-hour contract in case of installation or implementation

With a working-hour contract, you will never face any surprises. Naturally, we estimate the time for installation and training together. But you will only be charged for the actual hours worked. A clear and fair system!

Hours charged to you include:

  • Preparation at our premises (preparing and testing equipment)
  • Relocation of the technician and of most appliances (for appliances that cannot be transported by us, this will be invoiced separately)
  • Installation
  • Training

For some devices or software, the technician will not come on site for installation. We will then take over your computer if necessary and give instructions over the phone to ensure smooth installation, proper operation and training. This will again save you on call-out charges.

A WUC not only makes machine installation easier and cheaper. Our IT customers also use this system. The installation and implementation of a server, PCs or other IT equipment are settled with a WUC.

2b. Relocation or call-out charges

Call-out fees with a WUC are a lot more affordable and transparent. Normally, the price of transport is settled on the basis of the number of kilometres, with a minimum amount of €109.71. With a WUC, a flat rate is always used.

The flat rate is calculated based on the distance from 1 of our official addresses (Gavere, Dordrecht, Lille or Paris) and applies to mainland Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

  • within a radius of 30 km or in Belgium the flat rate is 1 hour
  • between 30 and 130 km, the flat rate is 2 hours
  • between 130 and 260km, the flat rate is 3 hours
  • above 260km the flat rate is 6 hours
  • Other countries, islands, remote and overseas territories will always be treated individually.

Please note this is only about the movements of technicians. Goods delivered via a carrier will be shipped at our usual transport prices.

2c. Technical problems and maintenance

Even with the best appliances, things can go wrong once in a while. For this too, a work-hour contract is an appropriate solution. We make a clear distinction here between repairs in warranty and out of warranty or servicing.

Repairs and manufacturer’s warranty:

As standard, we follow our suppliers’ warranty terms and conditions. Some manufacturers offer “Carry-in” warranty, for others the warranty is on pieces only. In the first case, you save on call-out costs. When only pieces warranty is provided as standard, you save on both travel and labour costs for the repair.

Out-of-warranty repairs:

All working hours and travel will be charged according to your working hours contract. Only parts and components that have been replaced will be charged.


A maintenance is not a technical defect, this is never within the warranty. Regular preventive maintenance is recommended to keep your appliances working optimally. With a WUC, this is again a lot cheaper.

2d. Support

Additional education and training:

Need a new operator or additional explanation? No problem. With a WUC, the hours are settled for these additional trainings. You can also call on our technicians for product-related training. For example, if you purchase a graphic printer, we can, if desired, provide training in graphic layout packages (CorelDraw/Adobe/…).

Remote support:

We also provide support from our premises. This can be by telephone, via your PC being taken over or via a combination. You have immediate assistance from an experienced technician. This service offers you many advantages. After all, many user problems can be solved this way. You can come to us with any question: technical problems with the devices, help with application software, help with using your equipment, etc. You will be helped immediately and it will also save you travel costs.

On our helpdesk, you will always get a technician on the line. So you do not lose any precious time. If neither the technician nor his colleagues can help you over the phone, the planning department will be able to schedule an intervention on site immediately. Thanks to the knowledge

the technician meanwhile possesses about the problem, the intervention will be a lot easier and faster.

When it comes to devices controlled via a PC, they can be perfectly taken over by the technician. Via ‘LogMeIn Rescue’, we can take over any PC, anywhere in the world (via web interface). This can be done without

installing software or opening ports (no risk to your security). Of course, this can only be done after you have given approval on that particular PC to do so, and only for that session.

You can follow our actions on your screen. This way, we can help you through a particular problem and demonstrate to you how to solve the problem yourself in the future.

Beheer op afstand:

For our IT customers, we go one step further. Managing computer networks is not easy and often requires many small interventions. Do you want your network to function optimally and securely and therefore consistently apply the latest patches and updates to your

system? Would you rather leave the creation of new users to us? This can be done via ‘remote administration’.

Do you have a practical question about Word or another software package? Are you having problems installing a new programme? A setting on your device is incorrect? This too can be done via remote administration.

We take control of your computer, from our premises, while you can simply watch on your own screen. If necessary, a technician can simultaneously give you more explanation on how to do a certain setting.

Administration, billing and pricing of a WUC:

As with a WEXT, we want to minimise administration with this system.

You do not need to sign a contract. You order a 10h package. Once these are paid, the system runs. The balance of hours never expires and is carried over to the next year each time. This gives you a convenient tool to simplify your budget planning.

If the number of hours is exceeded, you will automatically be re-invoiced for a further 10h instalment (unless otherwise agreed). If, due to circumstances, you no longer want WUC, you can notify us. You will then receive an invoice with the final bill. You will be charged for the hours worked but not yet paid at the prevailing hourly rate at the time.

Only the hours performed will be deducted from your account. For performed hours on site, this is charged per half-hour started. For remote support, this is per quarter-hour started.

An additional advantage of a WUC is that you do not create separate order forms and receive invoices each time. Only one invoice is sent to you when a new tranche is charged. You will also find a detailed overview of the hours worked which allows you to check this.

Result of a Working Hour Contract:

Less administration

clear overview of the number of hours charged

clear overview of what services were performed

All prices exclude VAT and are valid for For more information or to obtain your warranty extension, call +32 9 389 79 90.

Ask for David. You can talk to him about service!

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