Astro ATS-309

Brand: Astro

triple tabber can stick tabs (closing label) and stamps. up to 25000 pieces per hour. 1 to 3 tabs per side.

The ATS-309 triple tabber from Astro can tab (apply closure labels) and affix stamps. You can place from 1 to 3 tabs per side or choose to apply from 1 to 3 tabs on one side and 1 tab on the front. The device is capable of tabbing simultaneously on both sides, front, and back. The ATS-309 is easy to set up and designed for tabbing medium to large quantities.

You can effortlessly achieve production speeds of up to 25,000 pieces per hour (for 1 tab) depending on the length of your medium.

Article Number: ASATS309

Tabs1 to 3 tabs per side
Medium DimensionsMin. 10.16 x 8.89cm
Max. 27.94 x 38.1cm
Medium Thickness0.64mm
Tab SettingManual or automatic
Speed1 tab: 25,000 pieces/hour
2 tabs: 15,000 pieces/hour
3 tabs: 10,000 pieces/hour
Dimensions71.12 x 66.04 x 86.36cm


Type product

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Labelling system

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