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Digitally print in full color with this memjet mailing printer and envelope system. This is a conversion of your M1 to a full color duplex printer

• 18m/min print speed
• Dye inks
• 222.8mm print width


Converts your standard M1 printer to a full-color Duplex printer

Digital printing in full color is fantastic for your business. With color, you increase the value of your printed material. Color attracts more attention, enhances clarity, maximizes response, … With Full Color, you earn more money.

But until today, color was also very expensive. The investment was sky-high, or the consumables were far too costly. Inkjet provided a solution, but it was very slow in affordable systems. It was time for a new technological breakthrough.

Today, we have an answer. We introduce to you the Astro M1 digital color printer. Astro utilizes the brand-new inkjet technology. What makes this technology so revolutionary? The Astro M1 has a fixed print head with more than 70,000 nozzles that creates a fantastic image at 1600 dpi and achieves speeds of up to 305mm per second.

Moreover, this machine is also very cost-effective in consumption. The 5 ink cartridges (each of 250ml) ensure that you process larger runs at a very low cost. The Astro M1 does not use drums, ovens, conveyors, etc., found in toner systems (copiers and laser printers). With ink cartridges, which already cost less than toner cartridges, you usually last three times longer. It’s only natural that we end up much cheaper.

Are you also thinking about the environment? Fewer consumables mean less packaging, and less packaging means less waste. Since there are fewer packages, pollution from transportation will also be smaller. The Astro M1 is also very environmentally friendly. As this device does not need to warm up and uses an oven, its energy consumption will be significantly lower than conventional systems. This way, you not only save the environment but also improve your wallet.

Integrated Brand-New Inkjet Technology

The new inkjet printing technology is a radical development. It is not refining existing inkjet technology. Engineers have reimagined printing. With a completely new print head, new processor chips, and software, we print at unprecedented speeds with beautiful quality.

New Print Heads

In most color inkjet printers, the print head goes back and forth. This has always been relatively slow and can cause mechanical problems. With 70,400 nozzles in the new inkjet print head, we spray millions of ink droplets per second. And this across the entire width of the sheet or envelope at once. This process is more energy-efficient, mechanically more stable, and more reliable. Moreover, it is up to 8 times faster, even faster than many black and white printers.

New Chips

For a fast print head, you need a fast processor chip. Since it didn’t exist, they developed their own chip. This chip became one of the fastest in the world, making personalization no problem either.

New Inks

With a print head that is 8 times faster than traditional inkjet print heads, you need special inks that are liquid enough but still dry on time. Developed for optimal quality at high speed, the inkjet inks may be the most advanced ever made.

New Software

Print heads and chips are only as good as the software that drives them. Inkjet developed the software from scratch with an eye for speed, stability, and efficiency.

Typical Applications for the Astro M1

The Astro M1 is the most revolutionary and flexible printer out there. The integrated feeder is built by Astro (a reference in the mailing industry for address printers, tabbers, and labelers) and can effortlessly handle sheets, cards, and envelopes. Since you can continuously load, this device is ideal for larger productions.

Typical applications include envelopes, letterhead, courses, etc. For many of these jobs, a full-color print is expected or desired today, but it was not feasible due to the cost. With the Astro M1, you have a powerful solution. How about €0.004 (€4.00 per 1000) for a personalized envelope with a color logo, image, and an address. How do we achieve such a low cost? The ink consumption of this printer is very low, and since you don’t have a fixed price per pass, you only pay for the consumption.

Thanks to the fast processor of the printer, this device is ideal for personalization and addressing of envelopes and other printed materials. A4 letters for mailings are processed quickly and at a low cost.

Envelopes and Covers

Printing envelopes in offset has the advantage that the price becomes very cheap for large quantities. Moreover, printing is extremely fast. But there is a certain setup time and startup costs for each job. Often, to reduce the price, one or two colors are printed, and a minimum order quantity is specified. If you want to address the envelopes, this must be done later on a separate machine.

A digital printer can be a solution for small quantities and full-color personalization. However, there are also some limitations. Due to the fixed click prices, you quickly pay a lot for an envelope with little coverage. Not every printer has a feeder that can reliably feed envelopes. Since toner-based systems are often used, the speed is often slow, and for window envelopes, you often have to use more expensive ones since they do not melt in the oven.

With the Astro M1, we combine the benefits of offset and digital printing. You print in full color, whether personalized or not, on any envelope, always at a low cost (from 1 to thousands of copies). This printer can also be used perfectly as an address printer for smaller volumes.

Letterhead and Invoicing Paper

For letterhead, the same limitations apply with offset. Often customers have to take a larger quantity than they would like. After all, the offset plate, setup time, and setup costs also have to be paid.

Since letterhead is often processed later in laser printers, it is always necessary to be careful when digitally printing with a toner-based system. There is a risk that the toner will melt back and come off.

With the Astro M1, you print quickly and inexpensively in small and large volumes. The ink will not come off later, and moreover, the colors are exactly the same as those of the envelopes if they were also printed on the Astro M1.

Mailings and Letters

Thanks to the low cost, high speed, and the possibility of personalization, you can also use this printer to produce mailings in full color. With the cost, just slightly more expensive than black and white, you stand out better with color.

Flyers, Courses, Reports, Invoicing

The speed and cost allow you to deliver full-color work at only a fraction more than black and white. Use color now and make your message stand out more clearly!

Double-Sided Printing

It is also possible to convert your M1 mailing printer into a duplex printer. This is called the M1DX.


Article Number: ASAJM1X


Technology Inkjet Technology
Speed More than 7000 envelopes/hour DL size
Up to 3600 sheets/hour A4 size
Print Quality High: 1600×1600 DPI
Normal: 1600×800 DPI
Max. Print Size 216mm x 762mm
Double-Sided Format Min. 76mm x 107mm
Max. 228.6mm x 431mm
Single-Sided Format Min. 76mm x 127mm
Max. 241mm x 431mm
Media Thickness Min. 0.1mm
Max. 0.5mm
Feeder Capacity Up to 500 DL envelopes
Ink 5 individual cartridges of 250 ml (CMYK)
Ink Consumption Indicated in the printer interface
Software Windows driver
Diagnostics Indicated in the printer interface
Update Via Tasco
PC Interface USB2.0
Network Ethernet
Counters Machine and task counter, indicated in the printer interface
Lifespan 350,000 prints A4/month
Dimensions without mounted M1 Double-sided: 71.8cm x 84cm x 54.6cm (LxHxW)
Single-sided mode: 122cm x 84cm x 54.6cm (LxHxW)
Dimensions with mounted M1 Double-sided mode: 99cm x 138.4cm x 54.6cm (LxHxW)
Single-sided mode: 122cm x 138.4cm x 54.6cm (LxHxW)
Weight M1: 34kg
M1DX (without mounted M1): 32.6kg
M1DX (with mounted M1): 66.5kg
Power Consumption 220-240VAC 50/60Hz
Options Treadmills
Carpet catch tray
Printer input tray


Here you can see a film about the Astro M1DX printing system for double-sided printing.



On the Supplies page of this machine you will find all possible consumables.

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