Astro M2

brand: Astro

Digitally print in full color with this memjet mailing printer and envelope system. With high capacity input of up to 5000 sheets of 75g/m2

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Digital printing in full color is fantastic for your business. With color, you increase the value of your printed material. Color stands out better, enhances clarity, maximizes response, … With full color, you earn more money.

Until today, color was quite expensive, but that changes now. We introduce to you the Astro digital color printers. Astro utilizes the brand-new inkjet technology. The Astro has a fixed print head with more than 70,000 nozzles that creates a fantastic image at 1600 dpi and achieves speeds up to 305mm per second.

Some features:

  1. Print in beautiful and vivid colors with a true 1600 x 1600 dpi quality
  2. Printing at speeds of over 7000/hour (DL envelopes) for unprecedented speed in color prints
  3. Automated maintenance cassette keeps print quality perfect
  4. Unbelievably low printing costs (only a few Euros for 1000 prints, ask for our overview table)
  5. Industrial inks, developed for printing on a wide range of paper (even on some coated paper types)
  6. Very sharp prints in color or black/white
  7. Integrated cleaning station for the print head
  8. 5 individual ink cartridges of 250ml (CMYKK)
  9. Windows compatible via USB and network
  10. High-stack input and output for 5000 sheets
  11. Robust steel construction for long durability.

Article Number: ASAJM2


Print Method Brand New Inkjet Technology: Drop on Demand Thermal Inkjet printing
Resolution 1600 x 1600 dpi (best quality) / 1600 x 800 dpi (normal quality)
Theoretical Speed 9m/min. (best quality) / 18m/min. (normal quality)
Practical Speed More than 7000/hour envelopes US size (229×114) and up to 3600 A4/hour
Minimum Size 76 x 107mm
Maximum Size 228 x 368mm
Maximum Print Width 219mm
Paper Thickness Min. 0.1mm and max. 0.5mm
Prints Color and black-and-white, images, logos, text, barcodes, …
Processor 32-bit RISC Controller
Input Capacity Up to 5000 sheets 75g/m²
Ink 5 individual cartridges of 250ml (CMYKK)
Lifespan 350,000 prints per month for 60 months
Software Windows driver
Connection USB and network connection
Dimensions 52 x 84 x 94cm
Weight 79 kg



Type product

Device, Digital printing systems

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