Astrojet 500

Brand: Astro

Similar device to the AJ300 address printer. The main difference is the printing speed. Depending on the print quality (150, 200, 300 or 600 dpi) you want, you print up to 22 000 addresses per hour.


The Astro AJ500 address printer is a similar device to the AJ300 address printer. The main difference lies in the printing speed. Depending on the printing quality (150, 200, 300, or 600 dpi) you desire, you can print up to 22,000 addresses per hour.

With the AstroJet 500, you can swiftly address, personalize, and print barcodes. Using your database, both variable and fixed data are printed at high speed on various media (brochures, envelopes, booklets, etc.).

Optionally, you can choose a catch tray.

The AstroJet 500 is a version with 3 ink heads. These 3 ink heads have a print width of 3.8 cm, which translates to 9 address lines in 10 points.

The envelope may be a maximum of 35.6 cm wide and 35.6 cm long, with a thickness of up to 3 mm.

Artikelnummer: ASAJ500P

Print technologieInkjet 3 HP 51645A Cartridges
SnelheidTot 22.000/uur
ResolutieHoge kwaliteit 600 x 600dpi – standaard kwaliteit 600 x 300dpi
Printgebied3,81 cm x 35,56 cm
InktmonitorZichtbaar op de display
SoftwareWindows printer driver voor Windows 98, 2000 en XP
Afmetingen292,1 x 762 x 584,2mm
GewichtOngeveer 41 kg
Afmetingen mediaLengte: 127 x 35,56 cm – Breedte: 7,62 x 35,56 cm


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