DPR Longitudinal label slitter


The longitudinal label cutter meets the need to obtain more rows of labels from the same roll, then split them by using the slitter.

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    The XtraLabel Slitter meets the need to utilize the majority of the print area of the thermal head. They want to optimize ribbon usage and obtain multiple rows of labels from the same roll. During the printing process or with pre-printed rolls, they can split rows of labels into one or more labels.

    The cutting operation is performed by a common cutting blade that fits into an opposing blade holder.

    The XtraLabel Slitter has an external, automatically switching, 100/240V power supply, and an electronic circuit controls all functions.

    The slitter has two tension arms available which, depending on the application, allow the user to work with rolls of labels that were just printed or with pre-printed rolls of labels.

    The new rolls of labels are rewound by a rewinder with a roll diameter of 250mm and a core holder of 76mm.

    The maximum width of the roll is 150mm, and it is possible to create rows of labels. These labels cannot be smaller than 25mm.

    The XtraLabel Slitter has a height of 360mm, a width of 360mm, and a length of 700mm. The device weighs 18 kg.


    Article Number: DPRMCH100SLT25

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