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DPR Matrix remover and slitter

brand: DPR

This machine can unwind, remove and cut the label matrix from a die-cut label roll thanks to one or more cutting knives and rewind on a 76mm (3″) motorized core holder rewinder.

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The matrix removers give the user the ability to remove the
waste material from printed or blank pre die-cut rolls of labels
up to 225mm (8.86”) wide onto 3” cardboard core and having an
outside diameter up to 250mm (9.84”). The finished labels will
be rewound face out only.
Perfect full bleed labels can be achieved on pre die cut media
after the waste material is removed.
The production of
edge-to-edge printed labels
on roll will become
extremely easy and quick.
Available in two versions, the narrower
allows media width up to 170mm (6.69”) while the wider
up to 225mm (8.86”). Both units include the
slitter module


Article Number: DPRMCH100MTX25

Winders and slitters




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Accessories label printers, Counters, winders & unwinders

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