Duoblade SX

SKU: VL50401011
brand: Valloy

Industrial digital roll-to-roll label cutting machine with 2 cutting heads and cutting area of 320x400mm and cutting speed of 9.8m/min

• Up to 4 cutting blades
• Up to 9.8m/min cutting speed
• up to 340mm feed width

Duoblade SX is the most affordable digital label finishing machine for production of high quality finished labels.

Multi blade

Faster by multi-blade (default 2). Independent control of each blade. Powerful servo-driven X-Y motions.

Optional rewinder for lamination film

Optional rewinder to support lamination film (Backliner).

Web guide system

Default embedded web guide system to correct media feeding straightness. Guaranteed consistant accuracy in slitted mini rolls after slitting pocess.

Auto tension control

Magnetic powder clutch for each of 1 undwinder and 2 rewinders. Electronic control of individual tension in easy and precise way.

Inline cold laminating

Embedded cold laminating unit. Simultaneous registration control using fine adjustment knobat the bar end.

Inline slitting & separation

Supporting up to 15pcs slitters (default 4). Individual control of depth and position. Simultaneous registration control of all slitters together using fine adjustment knob.

Splicing table

Special toner containing low-temp. sharp-melting polyester and wax for photo-quality glossy output in strong bonding power.

Pneumatic expansion rollers

BIZPRESS can print on thin BOPP films, alumi-nium deposited pouches or thin glassine papers for bread wrapping without wrinkles.


Artikelnummer: VL50401011

Including cutting software
Supporting Corel Draw & Illustrator
Vacuum bed by air pump
Media width 40-340mm
Max. roll diameter 450mm
Cutting area 320mm x 400mm
Cutting speed Max. 9.8m/min.
Cutting precision 0.2mm
Slitting speed Max. 80m/min.
Slitting width 10-330mm
Tungsten steel rotary blade
Power 100-240 VAC, 1 KW
High Capacity 750W X-Y Servo
Size 158cm x 90cm x 136cm
Weight 450kg





Type product

Device, Finishing machine

Type of label finish

Digital – Knive

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