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Meet the Espresso: a compact desktop ID card printer that excels in print speed and quality. With a choice of single-sided and double-sided printing, optional connectivity, LED status indicators and encoding options, the Espresso offers maximum versatility in minimal space, perfect for membership cards, loyalty cards, staff badges and more.

• Powerful card printer
• Double-sided
• Wi-Fi and Ethernet


The espresso is a compact and powerful desktop ID card printer. The device offers its users great value and versatility with superior print speed and excellent print quality. Thanks to its robust and durable construction, the device can work in any production environment.

For projects that require printing along one side only, you can start with the Espresso single-sided desktop card printer. But with this simple solution also has the Espresso double-sided card printer that allows you to print cards along both sides.

The entire line offers optional WiFi and Ethernet connectivity which can make printing and encoding hassle-free. You can easily have your printer defined and can choose the one that perfectly suits your current needs. The Espresso card printer offers a wide range of options. It is always possible to upgrade to your existing configuration depending on your functionalities.

The new range of printers works perfectly for wide range of applications such as membership cards, loyalty cards, gift cards, student cards, staff badges and many more …

Thanks to the LED status indicators on the front of the printer, you can control the card production process from a distance. The blue LED light keeps you informed about the availability of the cards. When needed, you can also use an optional manual feeder for printing individual cards. Each printer comes with an optional rear output where full cards are turned when needed. This can significantly increase throughput for large print runs. The standard setup, with front input and output trays, is also useful when space is limited, such as on a desk, in a cabinet or under a counter. Each Espresso printer also has an option to encode a magnetic stripe, contact chip or smart card. This ensures maximum functionality for various applications such as, access control, time recording, payment services and much more.




Type product

Card printers, Device

Print technology

Dye sublimation



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