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The Ninette auto is an automatic device that can stick one or two self-adhesive labels onto a round object or cylinder.

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    De Ninette auto is een automatisch toestel dat één of twee zelfklevende etiketten kan kleven op een rond voorwerp of cilinder. Met dit veelzijdige toestel etiketteert u dan ook zonder problemen allerhande producten zoals: flessen, blikjes, buizen, cartridges, potten, …

    Bovendien kunnen in deze machines verschillende opties geïntegreerd worden voor diverse toepassingen:

    •  Diverse detectiesystemen mogelijk om een correcte positionering van het etiket te verzekeren (vb. t.o.v. de naad van een fles)
    •  Voor extra hoge etiketten
    •  Voor producten met uitsteeksels of deksels die niet perfect rond zijn.

    Artikelnummer: Ninette

    Automatic label applicator designed for table installation, comprising:

    • A motorized conveyor belt with aluminum profile and a chain with a width of 82.5mm.
    • 1 or 2 labeling stations for applying a label or back label, depending on the machine’s configuration.
    • A replaceable cylinder with the ability to label products with a diameter of 35 to 60mm or a diameter of 40 to 110mm, depending on the roll diameter.
    • An output table to properly collect all products.
    • Touch screen for control and management of the machine parameters.
    • The Ninette Auto operates on 220V and 50Hz and requires compressed air (compressor not included).
    • Possibility of installing various sensors for label positioning on the object through detection of a specific image, notch, seam, another label, or a special marking. Also includes blackmark detection for transparent labels.
    • Label sizes: minimum width of 25mm to 360° around an object (paper quality must be validated) on various materials such as PET, PVC, glass, metal, cardboard, …
    • Standard labeling height up to 190mm.
    • The machine can be equipped with a coding system for labels (pad printing or inkjet).
    • Speed varies depending on the user, ranging from 600 to 800 objects per hour.
    • The device can be delivered on a wheeled cart.

    Here you can see a film about the Ninette Auto.


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