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Paperfox A-1000 or A-1250 rewinder

brand: Paperfox

The Paperfox A-1000 or A-1250 ligtweight rewinder is designed to rewind washing paper for offset presses with automatic washing device but it can be used to rewind other roll materials too. The speed of the axle can be regulated with a foot pedal. The winding shafts can be changed easily and custom tailored shafts are also available.

Ideal for:
  • Rewinding blanket washing cloth for offset presses
  • Rewinding other roll materials


  • Custom core cones can be ordered for different rewinding tasks
  • Small modifications, custom projects are available
  • You can reduce your washcloth costs with rewinding the relatively cheaper 500 m rolls to small rolls
  • The small rolls can be used in your Heidelberg, KBA Planeta, MAN Roland, Komori, Ryobi, Mitsubishi or other printing machine
  • Custom tailored solutions are available
  • The A-1000 rewinder can be manufactured in different widths. Paperfox A-1250 ist max. width: 1050 mm
  • Works with various materials: paper, film, foils, plastics …
  • Variable speed rewinder
  • Simple usage
  • Low cost entry level machine

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  • Paperfox A-1000 Paperfox A-1250
    Netto weight 28 kg 35 kg
    Dimensions (width/length) 110/60/130 cm 110/60/155 cm
    Place demand (for safe operation) 200/200 cm 200/200 cm
    Max. roll width 800 mm 1100 mm
    Max. lower (big) roll diameter 600 mm 600 mm
    Core diameter of the lower (big) roll 75 mm 75 mm
    Max. upper (small) roll diameter 80 mm 80 mm
    Core diameter of the upper (small) roll 18 mm 18 mm
    Roller speed 0-330 rev./min. 0-330 rev./min.
    Noise output less than 70 dB(A) 70 dB(A)
    Operational temperature +5..+40°C +5..+40°C
    Store -25…+55°C (+70°C max. 24 hours) -25…+55°C (+70°C max. 24 hours)
    Humidity 50% (max.+40°C) 50% (max.+40°C)
    Max. operating (from the sea) 1000m 1000m
    Voltage/Current 230V~/0.5A 230V~/0.5A
    Power 90W 90W



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