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Paperfox AT-1000 or A-1250 roll holder

brand: Paperfox

You can use the Paperfox AT-1000 or AT-1250 roll holders with the Paperfox A-1000 or A 1250 rewinder for example to wind different roll materials together or you can use it with a paper trimmer to cut roll materials to sheets. You can use these roll holder: paper, plastic, foil, wire-O….

Ideal for:

  • roll stand for washing cloth for offset presses
  • roll holder for other roll materials


  • The AT-1000 roll holder can be manufactured in different widths. Paperfox AT-1250 is max. width: 1100 mm
  • Works with various materials: paper, wire-O, film, foils, plastics …
  • Simple usage roll stand
  • Low price of the roll holder


  • Paperfox A-1000 Paperfox A-1250
    Netto weight 18 kg 19 kg
    Dimensions (width/length) 75/60/130 cm 75/60/155 cm
    Max. roll width 900 mm 1100 mm
    Core diameter of the roll 18 mm 18 mm

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