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Paperfox TD-1 Tape applying head

brand: Paperfox

The Paperfox TD-1 Tape applying head used in Paperfox HH-1 return receipt making machine and other individual Paperfox machines.

Ideal for:

  • Placing pressure sensitive strips onto cardboard
  • Using in Paperfox FTD-1 automatic double sided sticker tape labeling machine


  • This pneumatic tape processing equipment is designed to use with up to 20mm wide adhesive tape
  • A low cost taping device for different tapes (tissue tape, PVC tape, banner tape, acrylic tape, transfer tape, foam tape, VHB tape
The paperfox TD-1 tape applicator head was designed for usage in Paperfox HH-1 return receipt making machine, FTD-1 Tape applicator but a lot of our customers want to use it in other tape application systems.


Tape applicator on a Jagenberg folding-gluing machine

In this photo a Paperfox TD-1 tape applicator head is mounted on a Jagenberg folding-gluing machine.

You can mount this tape application head on any similar machine.

Tape applicator on a Jagenberg folding-gluing machine

The TD-1 tape applicator head controlled simply with two fotosensors.

The tape application begins, when the paper arrives under the first fotosensor, and ends when the sheet arrives under the second fotosensor.
You need only 24V DC power and compressed air.



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