Paperfox TVH-5 paper core cutting machine

Brand: Paperfox

The Paperfox TVH-5 paper core cutter is similat to Paperfox TV-5 paper core cutter but it is driven by a robust industrial gearmotor.

Ideal for:
  • Cutting paper cores with 50 and 75mm inner core diameter
  • Cutting plastic cores
  • Cutting some kind of roll material
  • Robust industrial gearmotor
  • Adjustable speed through a frequency controller
  • Easy to move on rollers
  • Netto weight35 kg
    Dimensions (width/length)110/60/130 cm
    Place demand (for safe operation)200/200 cm
    Paper core inner diameter75 or 50mm
    Max. roll outer diameter120 mm
    Max. length to cut900 mm
    Circular knife diameter100 mm
    Roller speed0-200 rev./min.
    Noise output less than70 dB(A)
    Operational temperature+5..+40°C
    Store-25…+55°C (+70°C max. 24 hours)
    Humidity50% (max.+40°C)
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