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XID8600 Card Printer

brand: Matica

The XID8600 is the most robust model in the Matica 8xxx series. Its most prominent feature is the ultra-high print resolution of 600dpi. This high print resolution is perfect for applications where security is crucial, such as national IDs, driver’s licenses, etc. Since these applications often require double-sided printing, the XID8600 comes standard with a flipper module for dual-sided printing.

Thanks to the ultra-high resolution of 600dpi, sharp, fine characters down to a font size of 1.3pt can be printed. Fine lines and other advanced graphic elements can be printed with excellent quality.

The XID8600 can be customized to various individual needs. A wide range of encoding modules, such as magnetic stripe, chips, etc., ensures extraordinary versatility. High-speed printing is possible on various materials such as PVC, ABS, and even polycarbonate.

The XID8600 can also be connected to the ILM-LS or ILM-DS lamination modules for inline laminating on the front and back of the card. This provides additional security and protection of the surface against wear.

As the ideal retransfer printer for various projects, the printer comes with various standard security features such as an electronic lock, Kensington lock, IPsec data encryption.




Type product

Card printers, Device

Print technology

Dye sublimation



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