XTRADIE Label punch

brand: Tasco

Product Description

The XtraDie is an accurate punching system with a flat punch.

The XtraDie is an accurate die-cutting system with a flat die. You just need to drag and drop your file, and everything is controlled by the computer. Then, everything is guided correctly by photoelectric cells.

You can die-cut the labels, roll the waste back into a new roll, and rewind the desired material back onto a roll in a single pass.

The XtraDie is suitable for die-cutting self-adhesive paper, labels, …

It is the ideal device in combination with flexo printing machines, screen printing machines, …

Speed 20-170t/min.
Max Diameter 500mm
Max Paper Width 320mm
Max Cutting Width 300mm
Min Cutting Width 203mm
Max Length 300mm
Weight 1700kg
Dimensions 2.6 x 0.9 x 1.4m



Type product

Device, Finishing machine

Type of label finish

Conventional – flat

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