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XTRALABEL Rewinder Counter (Missing label detection)

brand: DPR

Easy rewinding and counting of labels

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Rewinding and Counting of Labels

With this compact and affordable machine, you can easily:

  1. Count the number of labels on a roll
  2. Unwind and rewind labels onto a roll with a different diameter
  3. Unwind large rolls and rewind them onto smaller rolls
  4. Rewind labels with a specific number or length
  5. Inspect rolls for missing labels

Various configurations available:

  • Basic model with winder and rewinder
  • Machine with label counter and length measurement
  • Machine with label counter and detection of missing labels

Article Number: DPCLM211



Type Desktop
Max. Web Width 127mm
Max. Roll Diameter 300mm
Speed Adjustable (up to 120rpm)
Core Diameter Adjustable from 40mm to 118mm
Min. Distance Between 2 Labels 2mm (for counting and detection)


Type product

Accessories label printers, Counters, winders & unwinders, Device

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