XTRALABEL Unwinder + Rewinder


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    • Change Core Diameter
    • Split to multiple rolls

    Rewinding of labels

    With this small and affordable machine, you can very easily:

    1. Unwind and rewind labels to a roll of a different diameter
    2. Unwinding large rolls and rewinding to smaller rolls
    3. Rewinding of labels with a certain number of labels or a certain length


    Different configurations possible:

    •       Basic model with winder and rewinder
    •       Machine with counter for labels and number of meters
    •       Machine with counter and detection of missing labels

    product number: DPCSR211

    TypeTabletop model
    Max. web width127mm
    Max. roll diameter300mm
    SpeedAdjustable (up to 120rpm)
    Core diameterAdjustable from 40mm to 118mm
    Min. distance between 2 labels2mm (for counting and detection)

    Type product


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