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Support at Tasco

Technical service

Our Technical Department prides itself on helping our customers quickly and correctly. In doing so, we make use of telephone support, Internet support, storage of spare parts and appliances, permanent in-service training both internally and at the supplier, repairs on site or in the workshop, test rigs, etc. When offering support from our technical service, you can choose between work-hour contracts and warranty extensions.

Work hour contract

Experienced technicians and personal assistance

  • Installation and training
  • After-sales support
  • Repairs

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Our speed and quality are necessary for our professional clientele but can only be maintained thanks to a lot of effort and associated costs. It is therefore understandable that this service is not free of charge. You will find the rates in the ‘WUC’ brochure. If you wish to take a WUC, your support can start immediately after receipt of your written confirmation.

Warranty extension

5 years protected

  • Guaranteed intervention “next business day”
  • Extending the technical lifetime of the device
  • Best guarantee for production continuity

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Maar dat betekent niet dat een gratis oplossing voor je probleem niet mogelijk is! Als je probleem onder de garantie valt, worden de kosten geheel of gedeeltelijk door de garantie gedekt. Voor de inhoud van de garantie verwijzen wij u naar de ‘WEXT’ brochure.

Contact our technical service or let us contact you

Is free support a possibility?

Tasco loyalty programme

Since today, Tasco gives the opportunity to join our loyalty programme. This rewards our loyal customers with free support.

Support videos

Tasco does its utmost to help its customers as much as possible through Technical videos. An installation, replacing supplies,… A lot of things you can now learn with us by following a short video.


Free support may also be available for other problems, namely in the form of Internet support from the manufacturer. Most manufacturers offer drivers, manuals, tips and tricks and sometimes even genuine support via e-mail online.If this does not solve the problem, you can still have the problem handled by our technical service, provided you already have a WUC or wish to take one out. Please contact planning@tasco.be or +32 9 389 79 90.


To download all available Tasco brochures do not hesitate to go to our download page.

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