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Monochrome technology

A monochrome label printer is mainly used for 2 applications. Along the one hand, you can easily print 1 colour on your label. For example, print black text on a white label. This is ideal for printing variable such as a lot number or barcode. On the other hand, a monochrome printer is used as a finisher. You add an extra colour that a CMYK printer cannot print. A gold or silver finish gives your label a beautiful finish. Monochrome label printer

How does a monochrome label printer work?

Direct thermal

In direct thermal printing, the print is created by heating the print head on areas you want printed on your label. Direct thermal labels have a top layer that reacts to heating of the printer’s print head. When you scratch the label with your fingernail or hold a lighter at a suitable distance under the label, a clear discolouration appears. You can therefore tell from this that it is a thermal label.

There is no need for a ribbon here. A disadvantage is that the lifespan of these labels is not so high. Readability by the eye or by scanners makes this more difficult after a while.

Thermal transfer

With this technique, we use a ribbon to print your label. The ribbon runs along between the label and the print head. By using heat on the parts of the ribbon you want to print, they will be placed on the label material. With this technique, your label will be legible many times longer.

Types of film

Black or white ribbon

Dye ink is much finer compared to other techniques. This allows for a much more precise print. This application is best for colour photos and graphics. Use an inkjet-coated material for the best results.

Gold and silver labels

Using gold or silver ribbon increases the value of your labels. These devices are widely used in cosmetics and labels for champagnes and wines, among others.

Other métalique colours

Furthermore, you have the option of using many other colours of ribbon. Blue, green, red,…

Monochrome labelprinter technologie gamma

Primera’s FX Models

Tasco’s most popular foil solutions are Primera’s FX models where you can easily print your own labels at a very low purchase price.

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