Label printers from Tasco give you the flexibility to print labels in-house. This gives you the freedom to make quick adjustments to designs. Print the quantities you need at the time you need them.

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Color label pinters

In this category you can distinguish different types, brands and technologies. If you prefer fully colored labels with photo quality, you will especially appreciate the inkjet series. I am talking about products from Primera and Astro. Of these, different models can be perfectly adapted to the requirements of your business type.

Pigment ink or laser printer for increased resistance

Those who are looking for more durability can opt for several appropriate technologies. In many cases, we recommend a pigment inkjet or laser printer. These offer more resistance and tolerance to the printed materials.

Combine a label printer with 1 of our finishing machines

Depending on your printing volume and the shapes to be created, machines can be chosen to meet more industrial needs (Neuralabel, Astro LF1, etc.). Some machines receive continuous rolls to create shapes and sizes when they are numerous, then print and cut the rolls to fit an applicator.

Most of these Tasco label printers are on display at our various commercial sites and during the trade shows we participate in. So don't hesitate to contact us for a demonstration customized and provided by specialists. Label printers are two words we associate with professionalism and passion!

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